Foot came to me by way of Idaho and had to be gone over stem to stern by brother Ed. This beautiful 1936 five window coupe was nicknamed FOOT (as in FOOTPRINT) because of the huge cloud of smoke that emerged from his rear end the first time he was started.

Foot has an original style 1936 21 stud engine. With replacement of the head gaskets and various external parts it has fired up and run well ever since his rehab. My intention is to preserve it in as is condition – I just love his jaunty appearance.

SPECIAL NOTE: One of the things we purchased during Foot’s overhaul was a check valve fuel line hose – the connecting line between the fuel pump and the tank line in the engine compartment. This ingenious hose was invented by Robert Sherman and sold by him exclusively. Every vintage Ford should have one because – according to Ed “it reduces the amount of annoying cranking needed to supply fuel to the carburetor after prolonged idle periods.” If 
you wish to contact Mr. Shewman, drop me a note.

Foot 750x533
For Foot 750x678