My first love! My brother Ed (aka E.T.) discovered this work of “found art” in a Petaluma barn belonging to car collector and renowned hot rodder Barry Thorsson, shown below on the day I bought The Goddess. I especially like the photo of Barry counting the dough! My brother and I (but mostly E.T.) lovingly brought it back to life.

We decided to leave its earthy patina intact, so this well loved truck looks spectacularly utilitarian but just adorable. Its docile appearance notwithstanding, this is a souped-up hot rod with a Mustang 289 drive train originally built in Las Vegas in 1975. The GG is capable of leaving the faint-hearted in the dust.

I first decided I wanted a Ford truck after attending an art show of work by the incredible Stanley Mouse. Mouse, especially well-known for his iconic psychedelic art posters of the 1960s, started out as a hot rod artist working with, among many other folks, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, and also designed monster models for Monogram. At the exhibit I was thrilled to meet Mouse and was floored by the plethora of hot rodded trucks parked outside. All of his fans had come driving their vintage trucks and that was it! I too had to have one. A call went out to brother Ed to be on the lookout. So a thank-you and salute to you, Stanley Mouse (and Barry and E.T.), for getting me on the road!

The great Barry Thorsson and I make a deal 564x370
Interior 564x370
Barry counts the dough 400x490